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by Jeroen Haringman

Michigan and Eco Solar Breizh videos of the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge

Both the University of Michigan Solar Car Team and Eco Solar Breizh posted interesting videos about the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. Firstly: Michigans video. Of particular interest is what happens from 5m16s onwards, where it looks like a collision was narrowly avoided between Quantum and a heavy goods vehicle.

The following video from a French TV station shows a five-minute item about the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge, it starts at 15m04s. My French is rudimentary, so I don’t understand most of the commentary, but the imagery very nicely catches the atmosphere of the event. The video makes me wish I was back there :)

19/20 Bretagne

by Jeroen Haringman

Help name an avenue after Dutch solar car

The Dutch city of Delft, home town to Delft University of Technology‘s Nuon Solar Team is creating a new street in the area that opened up where the previous above-ground railway tracks now run underground. Dutch newspaper AD has set up a poll, where everyone can vote for one of ten street names that readers submitted. One of these names is “Nunalaan” (“Nuna Avenue”), in honour of Nuon Solar Team’s solar car that’s called Nuna.

Voting is easy: go to this website. The website is in Dutch, but the only thing you have to do is to click on the “Nunalaan” option:


…and that’s it. It should take less than thirty seconds. Let’s have a street named after a solar car! :) Thanks for voting.

by Jeroen Haringman

Solar Team Eindhoven wins TechCrunch’s “Best Technology Achievement” award

E2015_crunchiesach year, information technology website awards a number of “crunchies“, (or “Oscars for Technology”), awards for the “most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year.“. This year (2015) there were twenty categories. Of special interest is the category “Best Technology Achievement”. In this category, five entities competed for the Crunchie:

At the award ceremony, two days ago, Solar Team Eindhoven won the Crunchie! I think it’s very interesting that this relatively small project beat many other massive projects. Although nearly all compelling and innovative in their own right, apparently the judges saw the potential of a solar-powered family car and awarded the Eindhoven students the award.

I’m really happy with this, for several reasons. In the first place for the Eindhoven team guys themselves. This is an extra, much deserved, reward for many years of hard work on their project. It’s also a very nice recognition for the team’s parent university and sponsors. Looking at the bigger picture, I’m also really happy that this award brought a solar car to the attention of the millions of followers of the TechCrunch website.

Solar Team Eindhoven, congratulations and well done! Here’s a video of the award ceremony:

by Jeroen Haringman

2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge – first road day

Today was the first road day of the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. After the start (see video below) the team made their way through the city of Abu Dhabi. After exiting the city, the teams followed motorway E22 to the city of Al Ain, in the east of the UAE. There, the teams made a 15-minute stop, before continuing back to Abu Dhabi, this time on the E20 motorway, to the end point at Masdar City.

Preparations for the start

Final preparations for the start

I got up early to make it to the 08:00 start on time, and saw the cars prepare and get into position. There was a very special atmosphere there this morning, one of excitement, determination and I also felt a sense of relief. So far, everything until now, difficult as it had been for some, had been ‘just’ preparation – and this was it, this was the real thing. Continue Reading →