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by Jeroen Haringman

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge support


I am happy to be able to announce that the organisers of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge have invited me to be their guest while in Australia, greatly helping my efforts to report on this event. Chris Selwood (the BWSC event director) and I discussed this possibility when we were in Abu Dhabi for the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge, and I’m very happy that our plans are coming together. I’m really grateful for all the support I’m getting, things are taking more and more shape by the day.

To further celebrate this, I have have published the countdown timer to the start of the BWSC (see top right). Just 186 days day now, just over six months!

by Jeroen Haringman
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Leadership & Management. What’s the difference?

leadership conceptual compassThe following guest blog post was kindly written by Keno Mario, the team leader of the 2013 Cambridge University Eco Racing team. He takes an engaging look, not at the engineering side of running a solar car team, but at what it takes to both lead and manage a solar car team.

The interesting article ends with a tough question – what would you do? Let us know in the comments :) Continue Reading →

by Jeroen Haringman


Logo_plat_landscapeIt is with great pleasure and pride that I announce that SolarNRG is going to support my trip to the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

SolarNRG is one of largest players in the Dutch solar panel market, with also a large (and growing) number of activities all over the world. They supplied and installed the solar panels on my own house in 2006, which have functioned without any problem ever since, for the past nine years. SolarNRG has since grown into the large and innovative company it is today. The company is committed to striving towards a sustainable society, and is matched perfectly to my ambitions to further the sport of solar racing.

I thank SolarNRG for supporting me, and I’m really looking forward to our cooperation.

by Jeroen Haringman

First 2015 WSC team status update

Bridgestone_World_Solar_ChallengeWith just 195 days to go until the start of the 2015 World Solar Challenge, it’s time to start looking at what the teams are doing. The official list of participants has not been made public yet (I believe it will be published on World Environmental Day, June 5th) so I had to compile this one from the teams’ websites and social media channels. We’ll see in June how well my list will match with the official list! :) I intend to publish an update such as this every month until the start of the WSC, and probably one to two extra in the last few weeks before the event.

Just as I did for the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge, I will assign each team in this list a “status colour”, indicating what I think a particular team’s chances are of making it to the starting line. This is a bit of a subjective process, and if you don’t agree with a classification, please just let me know in the comments. I’m ready to be convinced by arguments.

  1. Clearly busy with preparations, up to date online channels, very good chance of appearing at the starting line (status GREEN)
  2. Some indications that they are preparing, but nothing recent and/or solid, might still make it to the WSC (status ORANGE)
  3. No indications at all of any preparation, unlikely to make it to the WSC (status RED)

So, let’s start off with the Challenger class first – in alphabetical order: Continue Reading →

by Jeroen Haringman

2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge recollections

abu_dhabi_solar_challenge_logoIn January 2015 I visited the inaugural Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. In this article I’ll recount my “adventures” before, during and after the event. It’ll be a cross between a report about the event, and a travel report about Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. I’m not an experienced traveller, and this will surely show :) Continue Reading →