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by Jeroen Haringman
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Tough decision

Due to personal circumstances I have had to make a tough decision. I have had to cancel my trip to Australia to attend the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. I also will not update this website for the foreseeable future.

I wish al the solar car teams, solar boat teams and event organisers all the best.

by Jeroen Haringman
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EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team car launch

EAFIT-EPM's new 2015 WSC solar car. Photo credit: EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team

EAFIT-EPM’s new 2015 WSC solar car. Photo credit: EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team

Yesterday (June 3rd) EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team launched their new solar car with which they’ll take part in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The solar car, called EPM-EAFIT Solar Car, is of an asymmetrical design with the driver sitting on the left side of the vehicle. The good-looking vehicle closely resembles a mirrored Nuna7, although there are a few differences.

One of the team members that contacted me to let me know the car launch event was underway hinted that there might be a surprise hidden inside the shell. We’ll have to see :)

by Jeroen Haringman

Guest blog: SOELA solar car race


One of the solar cars in the first (2013) instalment of the event

Since 2013, the SOELA organisation has been organising a solar car event for local technical schools in the city of Sisak, Croatia. The event has been growing every year, and this year there will be a number of side events where the people of Sisak can see and drive electric cars.

The event will be held June 4th-6th, 2015, and approximately 10 teams are expected to compete.

Please read the guest blog about this interesting solar car event by director of Town of Sisak Tourist Board, Milijana Borojević.
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Blue Sky Solar Racing video documentary

The Blue Sky Solar Racing team from Toronto, Canada, published a 36-minute video documentary about their adventures during the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. I can recommend watching it (in HD and on full screen :) ), it shows the team facing unexpected challenges and even emergencies while keeping together and performing very well, and it shows solar car teams helping each other out. I like it!

by Jeroen Haringman

University withdraws support for OSUSVT

The proud OSUSVT with their as I met them in Abu Dhabi

The proud OSUSVT with their car as I met them in Abu Dhabi. Photo credit: OSUSVT

A few days ago, the Oregon State University Solar Vehicle team announced on their Facebook page the unfortunate news that their parent university is withdrawing their support for the team.

I don’t think I have to explain to the solar racing community the many reasons why this is a bad idea – certainly bad for the students, and ultimately bad for the university, too.

In true solar car team spirit, the team has taken up this unexpected challenge, and they are both making plans to continue without university support, and and at the same time trying to convince the university to reverse their decision. As part of the latter course, they have set up this online petition, which everyone can sign. I would like to urge everyone to sign this petition – and I have of course signed it myself. They only need about 500 more signatures at the moment I write this, together we should be able to help them reach that goal.

It would be a real shame if this great team (I met them in person in Abu Dhabi) would have to continue without the support of their university – or even would have to cease to exist altogether.

Please sign the petition! Thank you.