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by Jeroen Haringman
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Beautiful 2014 European Solar Challenge photos

ESC_logoThis is the final installment of my posts about the 2014 European Solar Challenge. A French guy named Lucian Jenny (whom I didn’t know otherwise) showed me some of the beautiful photos he took of the solar cars, and I asked him if he’d like them published through my website. He liked that very much, and kindly allowed me to simply copy his entire memory card of photos to the hard drive of my laptop.

SunCruiser and SolarWorld GT underway in front of the solar panel trackers that surround the Zolder race track

SunCruiser and SolarWorld GT underway in front of the solar panel trackers that surround the Zolder race track (click the photo for the album) Photo by Lucien Jenny

I’ve made a selection of what I thought were the best photos and uploaded them in this album. Lucien was friendly enough to share his photos with me, and allowed me to publish them online. We made no formal agreements on copyright or anything, so please, respect his work. Share a link to the album or to individual photos in the album if you like, but please do not reupload as your own. Thank you.

by Jeroen Haringman

Sasol Solar Challenge video by Anadolu Solar Team

The Anadolu Solar Team, from Turkey, has published a great 22-minute video that shows the highlights of their experiences in the 2014 Sasol Solar Challenge (South Africa). The video shows the Anadolu solar car travelling through the breathtaking South African landscape, with the weather varying between great and absolutely horrible, meeting other solar cars on the road, etc.

The video is absolutely worth a watch, on full-screen and in HD.

by Jeroen Haringman

CUER car presentation: “EVA-LUTION”

EVA front quarter view

EVA front quarter view

This website’s “UK correspondent” Nigel attended CUER‘s presentation of their new car EVA, and wrote the excellent article below. I think it’s good to see that the team is developing the daring design – that Resolution absolutely was! – further. It’s clear that EVA incorporates a lot of lessons learned.

I’m really really curious to see how EVA will measure up to the “standard 6m² table tennis table”-type solar cars in the 2015 World Solar Challenge :) Continue Reading →

by Jeroen Haringman

2014 European Solar Challenge photos

ESC_logoDuring the 2014 European Solar Challenge I snapped nearly 700 photos with two cameras and my smartphone. Many (not all) of the smartphone photos were posted “live” to Facebook and Twitter, but I haven’t posted the photos from my cameras before. It took me quite a while to organise the photos, but here they are. After weeding out the blurry and irrelevant ones, I’ve uploaded the photos to my Google account, because they would take up too much space on my (relatively expensive) website hosting platform.

I’ve sorted the photos by date:

Unfortunately, because the time and date of one of my two cameras were not set right (a mistake I will not repeat because it caused me much headache), the photos are not in chronological order. Especially the Friday, Saturday and Sunday photos have two “sequences”. There’s not much I can do about that without spending enormous amounts of time on it – which I can’t spare.

Enjoy the photos :)

by Jeroen Haringman

2014 European Solar Challenge videos

ESC_logoDuring the 2014 European Solar Challenge I mainly took photos, and only a small number of videos. Video requires a lot of time editing, time I don’t have much of :) Here are the few videos I shot. All videos are HD 1280*720.

This video shows the Le Mans-style running start of the second half of the “long run” on Saturday, October 18th:

Sometimes, the solar car drivers got a bit carried away, and went into a corner a bit too fast, especially when a bit of rain had fallen. This caused a few spin outs. At the end of the event I went to Race Control and requested if they could play back those occurrences for me. They could :) I recorded this video with my camera from a monitor, so the quality isn’t brilliant, but it’s still spectacular:

After the long run and Saturday, the Solaris Solar Team from Turkey had to push their car towards the pit boxes, because its battery were empty. They got an awesome reception there! My apologies for the horrible quality, it was quite dark by then and my camera dealt with that badly.

At the end of the event, when all the races had finished, all seven teams and a few electric vehicles, made a few victory laps around the Zolder race track: