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List of teams participating in the 2013 World Solar Challenge

World_Solar_Challenge_logoAt the time of writing (january 2013) the 2013 World Solar Challenge (WSC) is about nine months away, and I’m going to start compiling a list of teams that will participate in this event. I will leave this article as a reference at the top of the front page until the WSC starts. The teams are not in any particular order, really just the order I’ve discovered them. I’ve included teams in this who have just expressed the intention of participating in the 2013 WSC – I’ll remove those if I think it’s unlikely they’ll make it to the starting line.

If you have information on a team that’s not in the list, or a correction on a team that is in the list, please let me know through either Twitter or E-mail. Thank you!

Team name Car Country Class
Nuon Solar Team Nuna7 the Netherlands Challenge
Solar Team Twente The Red Engine the Netherlands Challenge
Solar Team Eindhoven the Netherlands Cruiser
Punch Powertrain Solar Team Indupol One Belgium Challenge
University of Michigan Solar Car Team Generation United States Challenge
Cambridge University Eco Racing United Kingdom Challenge
Seraaj Solar Car Team Saudi-Arabia
Aurora Solar Car Solaris Australia Cruiser
UNSW Sunswift Sunswift eVe Australia Cruiser
Durham University Solar Car United Kingdom
Onda Solare Emilia III Italy Challenge
Solar Energy Racers Switzerland
UWS Solar Car SolAce Australia Challenge
JU Solar Team Sweden Challenge
University of Calgary Solar Car Team Schulich Delta Canada Cruiser
Blue Sky Solar Racing Canada Challenge
Éclipse Vehicule Solaire Éclipse 8 Canada
University of Tehran Solar Car Team Persian Gazelle III Iran
Eco Solar Breizh Héol France
ITS Solar Car Racing Team Sapuangin Surya Indonesia Challenge
Tokai University Japan Challenge
Stanford Solar Car Project Luminos United States Challenge
Team Okinawa Léquion Japan Cruiser
Kanazawa Institute of Technology Solar Car Project Japan Challenge
Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project Practice(驍勇) Japan Challenge
KAIT Solar Car Project Japan
Anadolu Solar Team Sunatolia2 Turkey Challenge
University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project Daedalus United States Cruiser
SAITEM SAGUAR 3 Turkey Challenge
EAFIT-EPM solar car team Primavera Colombia Challenge
Hochschule Bochum SunCruiser Germany Cruiser
HAVIN Solar Car Team HAVIN II Iran
Team Arrow Arrow1 Australia Challenge
Antakari Solar Team Chile
Hélios Solar Car Team France Withdrawn

Disclaimer: This is not an official list, and it will be a work in progress until the event’s organisation publishes the official participants list. There are almost certain to be errors and omissions in this list, so if you’re going to use the information in it for something important please verify it first.

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