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Moroccan Solar Challenge Race 2013

Team Solaris in action

On September 13th and 14th the Moroccan Solar Challenge Race (website in French, link in Google Translate) is being held, a road event over 72 km between the cities of Ben Guerir and Marrakesh.

The information on the event’s website is scarce, and their Facebook page has not been updated since August 7th, so it’s hard to write much of any substance about this event.

At this time (September 14th, 10:00 UTC) the event seems to have concluded, as the website states that the following three teams have finished in first positions:

  1. “ENSEM SOLAR TEAM”  from ENSEM Casablanca
  2. “Orcar” the FST Tangier
  3. (shared) “GREEN CAR”, the FST Settat and “EMI SOLAR CAR,” the EMI Rabat.

One of the participating teams is the Turkisch Solaris Team, and they have posted a number of photos on their Facebook page. If more information becomes available I will update this article. If you read this and you have more information, please let me know in the comments below, or by e-mail.

It’s cool to see new solar racing events starting up around the world!


  1. Hello Jeroen,

    I’m Yusuf from the Team Solaris. We have participated to Moroccan Solar Racing and I want to talk about this. It was really perfect organization and we didn’t expect such a good atmosphere. We wish next year more teams will participate. Thank you IRESEN for rhis race. We are really happy to have been at Moroccan. It was great experience before the World Solar Challange.

    See you everyone at the WSC 2013 :)

  2. the Result İs:

    First: Clermond ferrand from France
    2nd: Solaris 2 from Turkey
    3th: INES-CEA from France

  3. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, the images used on the MSCR website are there for illustration only.

  4. Hi Andreas, if you mean the team pages, yes, most of them have the images on them I collected in 2012, when I started this website. I still have to update those, but as I might gather I’m a bit on the busy side :)

    There is a participants list, here:

    I hope to be able to achieve the same level of reporting as in 2011 – or better!

    • No, I meant the Moroccan solar race site.

      I followed your link and saw that they had some pictures of the Tokai and Nuon there.

      Your site is fine.

  5. Hello Jeroen,

    I’ve just looked at the website, there’s several pictures of the Tokai Challenger and Nuna (6? Taken at WSC ’11?) on there. They are just used as illustrations, aren’t they? I can’t think that those teams would go for another race on the other side of the world so shortly before the top competition?
    I couldn’t find a participant list though . . .

    By the way: Thank you again for the excellent Australia coverage in 2011, I was glued to your website!