Motorcycle insurance has become a necessity when it comes to registration. 49 out of 50 states in the United States have made motorcycle insurance compulsory while registering your bike. Motorcycle insurance is not only necessary for legally riding your bike around the city but it also protects you from financial liability in case you are caught up in an accident. There are tons of insurance companies who provide motorcycle insurances with different coverage options. Progressive insurance is one of the best all-round insurance company, providing quality of service along with huge discount offers. Serving in all of the fifty states, progressive offers a wide variety of motorcycle coverages, including bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage, medical payments coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive as well as collision coverage. With these being its standard policies, Progressive insurance lies miles ahead of its competitors.


Along with this standard coverage, Progressive insurance policies also provide various optional benefit coverages for your motorcycle. Roadside assistance is a beneficial coverage provided by Progressive. If your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the road, it pays for towing your motorcycle to the nearest repair shop. The policy also covers trip interruption coverage and pays up to $500 for accommodation, travelling and food. Have you found out how much is motorcycle insurance and what you need to do? For high-risk drivers, Progressive insurance provides enhanced injury protection coverage. With this, if you get severely injured in an accident the insurance company would pay $250 every week for 2 years until you have fully recovered. It also includes a $25,000 death benefit which would be paid to your family in case of your loss. Total loss coverage is another beneficial coverage. In case of an accident, the policy pays the full manufacturer’s retail price to replace your bike. However, it is only applicable for motorcycles who are less than a year old. Along with all these progressive insurance offers a free add-on service of original equipment manufacturer coverage, which replaces your original parts while repairing your motorcycle. Most of the other insurance companies charge a huge amount for this benefit.


The only negative aspect of Progressive insurance is its customer service. Progressive only ranks average in this area, like most of the typical national providers. However, this does not mean your problem won’t be solved effectively, it just means there would be a slight delay in doing that. Progressive offers a huge list of discount offers and accident forgiveness programs, which presents owners with various opportunities to keep their rates low. With Progressive, if you go four years accident-free the first accident won’t be counted, which is a huge benefit. Providing discount offers like policy transfer, multi-policy, safety course, responsible driver discount, pay on time, pay in full, automatic bill pay, and motorcycle endorsement discount, Progressive insurance has become one of the cheapest insurance companies.